RVA bridge

Here is where I used to do a whole lot of politicking and feministing:

Altra Running

I live, run, breathe, hike, knit and play in Virginia. Social worker by training, administrative assistant for a collections agency by reality. Three rescued pitties and a human child occupy the same house. I write because sometimes I don’t know what I want to say until I read what I have written.

By nature, running is a difficult process in which you learn a vast amount of knowledge about yourself and of what you are capable. This is a document of that journey as I slowly begin leaving behind the world of marathoning and take on ultras, beginning with my first 50k in only a matter of months. I no longer care about how fast I can run those miles and instead appreciate and look forward to simply putting the time on the road or trails and getting to my zen space.

2016 race schedule:

Saturday, 12 March Bel Monte 50m

Saturday, 3 September Iron Mountain Trail Run 50m

Saturday, 5 November Masochist 50m



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