Form fixin’

19 Dec


These are left foot of the very same shoe (Brooks PureDrift); the one on the left has close to 1,000 miles, the one on the right close to 500 miles. Notice the wear pattern suggesting I pronate a bit too much to the outside edge of my left foot, called supinate. I’ve been trying to work on this during my base-building phase of recovery and it’s not easy.


These are the right foot, the match to the left in the top picture. The one on the left also has close to 1,000 miles, the one on the right has close to 500 miles. Notice how less severe the wear pattern is on my right foot versus my left foot. Interesting isn’t it? I think so.

Yet, when I am running on the trails, I’m far more even footed and land square on my forefoot and less on my toes. My guess is because our trails here are quite technical so I’m forced to be more careful of my footing then when I’m on the road, when I can easily zone out.

The issue is the almost severe supination in my left foot is causing all sorts of problems in my left foot and ankle. Before I was laid up with the stress fracture, I swear every tendon in that foot was plagued with the -itis. My foot and ankle simply hurt all the time and it wasn’t going away. Finally I decided to flip over my shoes to check the wear pattern, a lot easier done with minimals because all there is to the shoe is the tread and one needs to keep an eye on it in order to replace them when the tread starts disappearing, like above.

And so back to present. I’m really trying hard to fix my form but it’s so hard. It’s requiring me to concentrate on each moment the foot hits the pavement and make sure I’m landing on the foot where I feel it’s strongest. And that feels very weird and just plain wrong.

But after a month, it’s getting less hard. I still have to think about each footfall and check-in with my body to make sure the foot feels okay. I’m discovering it’s hard to run with my friends because when we are chatty, I stop paying attention to how my foot is landing. The process is frustrating yet absolutely necessary.

I’ll get it right eventually, the change will happen and soon enough I’ll forget I even ran so goofy-footed. For now though, it’s frustrating.

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